Region Supporters

We have a large and growing family of region supporters – local veterinarians, standout businesses, schools, and peer charitable organizations that share in our commitment to further the Guiding Eyes for the Blind mission. They also share in our success.

The following are proud supporters of Guiding Eyes, Montgomery Region:

  • Alpine Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Shanthi Ramachandran, Dr. Alice Sartain, Dr. Apryl Reidelbach, Cabin John, MD, 301-229-2400
    Sponsor for Kilo, Cappy, Henley, Maverick, Reed, Roma, Juniper, Polly, and Aqua
  • Animal Place Vet Hospital, Dr. Arlene Gardsbane, Silver Spring, MD, 301-603-1223
    Sponsor for Liam, Mandy, Oliver, Bryce, Wynett, Fabio, Wyla, Ella, Ida, Breeze and Trinket
  • Bennett Creek Animal Hospital, Dr. Jeff Walcoff, Clarksburg, MD, 301-515-8800
    Sponsor for Indigo, Viking, and Ivan
  • Bradley Hills Animal Hospital, Dr. Charles Weiss, 7210 Bradley Blvd, Bethesda, MD, 20817, 301-365-5448
    Sponsor for Schyler
  • Canal Clinic, Dr. Leslie Taylor, Potomac, MD, 301-299-0880
    Sponsor for Kate, Ramona, Music, Oxana, Calla, Ophelia, Yardley, Nilla, Priscilla, Khaki, Domino, Thansa, Lacy, Lil, Estelle, Yola, Beryl, Ellie, Larson, Jason, and Santana
  • City Paws – Uptown,  Dr. Wendy Knight, Washington, DC, 202-810-7297
    Sponsor for Gunner and Eros
  • Collins Hospital for Animals, Dr Lynne Cabaniss, Washington, DC, 202-659-8830
    Sponsor for Ryan
  • Dr Boyd’s Veterinary Resort, Dr John Wesson, Rockville, MD, 240-406-5496
    Sponsor for Jethro
  • Falls Road Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Amoroso, Potomac, MD, 301-983-8400
    Sponsor for Geoffrey, Einhorn, Bismark, Oasis, Keith, Conner, Yahoo, Sabba, Georgie, Sheldon, Jackson, Lark, Jericho, Charlotte, Krissy, and Sama
  • Flower Valley Veterinary Clinic, Dr. James Burns, Rockville, MD, 301-929-1600
    Sponsor for Kaya, Beamer, and Maui. Veterinary assistance to other Maryland-area Region pups.
  • Four Corners Animal Hospital, Dr. Ros Bowersett, Silver Spring, MD, 301-593-6330
    Sponsor for Namath
  • Friendship Hospital for Animals, Washington, DC, 202-363-7300
    Sponsor for Betty
  • Gaithersburg Animal Hospital, Dr. Dan Berbert, Dr. Lynne Haeussler, Gaithersburg, MD, 301-948-2828
    Sponsor for Wafer, Jessie, Lipton, Jamie, Ace, Glossy, Tappi, Patton, Beverly, Tiara, Kara, Fuji, Pekoe, Vesey, Euro, Minnie, Navy, Mishkin, Webster, Opus, Kenneth, and Pluto
  • Glenvilah Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Greenblat, Potomac, MD, 301-963-4664
    Sponsor for Gage, Satchel, Quinn, Vincy, Edwin, Brandon, Genie, Leo, Harry, Louie, Conway, Omar, Andy, Elton, Fresno, Saxon, Marvin, and Edward
  • Highway Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Jennifer Cabral, Bowie, MD, 301-249-2005
    Sponsor for Quantum
  • Hillandale Animal Hospital, Dr. Dennis Sweeney JDVM, Silver Spring, MD, 301-439-9444
    Sponsor for Felicity, Olaf, Barlow, Forbes, Dallas, Tanner, and Anakin
  • Kindness Animal Hospital, Dr. Jeff Zolkiewicz, Wheaton, MD, 301-949-2511
    Sponsor for Orchard
  • Liberty Falls Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Fromberg, Potomac, MD, 301-762-2070
    Sponsor for Dayton
  • Little Seneca Animal Hospital, Dr. Brad LeVora, Germantown, MD, 301-540-8670
    Sponsor for Ballad, Kendall, Riggs, Eddie, and Neville.
  • Maple Springs Veterinary Hospital, Gaithersburg, MD, 301-424-0373
    Sponsor for Truffle
  • Montgomery Animal Hospital, Dr. Adam Jaffe, Rockville, MD, 301-881-6447
    Sponsor for Shamrock, Aris, Basil, Illa, Whim, Elijah, Pita, and Java
  • Montgomery Village Animal Hospital, Dr. Kristy Bennett & Dr. Neal B. Neuman, Gaithersburg, MD, 301-330-2200
    Sponsor for Treasure, Abilene, Kia, Savannah, Fauna, Ginseng, Libby, Kayak, Fern, Chestnut, Keats, Josie, and Pekoe
  • My Family Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Clarivel Salazar, Poolesville, MD, 301-349-4790
    Sponsor for Josie
  • Muddy Branch Veterinary Center, Dr. Katz, Gaithersburg, MD, 301-963-0275
    Sponsor for Newman
  • Palisades Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Fisher, Washington, DC, 202-363-1316
    Sponsor for Dixie
  • Seven Locks Animal Hospital, Inc, Dr. Popa, Potomac, MD, 301-299-6900
    Sponsor for Ting, Ike, and Woodstock
  • Silver Spring Animal Hospital, Dr. Gouri Krishna, Silver Spring, MD, 301-587-6099
    Sponsor for Kokomo, Saffron, Fabri, Ava, Oriana, Truffle, Shade, Destiny, and Celine
  • South Arundel Veterinary  Hospital, Dr. Francine Rattner, Edgewater, MD,
    410-956-PETS (7387)
    Sponsor for Ynez
  • Takoma Park Animal Clinic, Dr. Joanne Carey, Takoma Park, MD, 301-270-4700
    Sponsor for Hildy, Oak, Joan, Jess, Slater, Aleda, Nalani, Iggie, Euro, Nanette, Havana, Rajah, Ibsen, Quinn, and Delta
  • VCA Lewis Animal Hospital, Dr. Amy Wenzel, Columbia, MD, 410-730-6660
    Sponsor for Wonka
  • Wisconsin Animal Clinic, Dr. Martin Kerske, Bethesda, MD, 301-493-4808
    Sponsor for Patriot, Otis, Denise, Sharon, Dream, Jessie, and Linden
  • Woodley Gardens Veterinary Care, Drs. Storm, Nichols, and Lowenthal, Rockville, MD, 240-403-8387
    Sponsor for Dante and Wayne

Evaluation Locations
– Every three months we have evaluations to see how the pups are doing and reacting to different environments.

Many thanks to the businesses that allow us to set up and evaluate the pups at their location for 2-3 days!

          • Rio Washingtonian Center, 9811 Washingtonian Blvd., Gaithersburg, MD
          • Safeway Store, Darnestown Rd, Gaithersburg, MD
          • Safeway Store, Redland Road (King Farm)
          • Safeway Store, 19708 Germantown Rd., Germantown, MD 20874

Newspapers and Organizations – Many newspapers and organizations donate free advertising and donations.  Your support results in finding new raisers!

      • Potomac Chamber of Commerce (10/01) named Guiding Eyes Montgomery Region Charity of the Year $2,000.00
      • American Contract Bridge League (7/02), donated $2000.00 to our region for their annual Charity Foundation Award (thanks so much to Margie Coccodrilli of the Montgomery Region of Guiding Eyes)
      • Gaithersburg Forest Oaks Lions Club (8/02), donated $150.00
      • Otsuka American Pharmaceutical, Inc. donated $4,000.00 through a United Way Contributions (thanks to Margie Coccodrilli of the Montgomery Region of Guiding Eyes)
      • Richard H. Schwartz of Baltimore County, Maryland, donated $40,000 which will fund the creation of a guide dog team and will also honor his friends Terry Cohen and Marcie Cynamon (Montgomery Region puppy raisers) with the naming of the  Student Lounge and Canine Salon at the new Guiding Eyes building in Yorktown Heights.