Be a Puppy Sitter


If you are not able to raise a puppy full-time for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, an alternative volunteer opportunity is to be a puppy sitter. In this capacity you provide a Montgomery Region puppy-in-training a valuable learning tool by being able to stay in your home for a weekend or longer. This change of environment teaches the puppy to work with a new handler and exposes them to new experiences within a different community…all of which helps to build confidence in a puppy’s journey to becoming a guide dog.

Puppy sitters are required to attend Pre-Placement classes, adhere to the same Guiding Eyes rules and standards and apply the same training techniques utilized by a full-time raiser as described in the Raise a Puppy page. A puppy sitter must attend, at a minimum, one puppy class per calendar quarter to maintain their skill sets.

Contact Jane Santy for Pre-Placement class (PPC) registration. Go to the Schedule page to determine when the next Pre-Placement class is scheduled.